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Jamison Savage Parabolic 100h CO2 Maceration Natural Process Gesha - Panama

Jamison Savage Parabolic 100h CO2 Maceration Natural Process Gesha - Panama

This coffee offers an exquisite bouquet of floral notes that captivate the senses, turning each sip into a delightful experience. The cup is filled with vibrant fruitiness and sweetness, showcasing distinct flavors of red grapes and papaya, perfectly balanced by a creamy caramel undertone. The complexity of flavors is heightened by remarkable acidity and a long, sweet, and fruity finish.

Always fresh: This item contains 100 grams divided into 2 x 50 grams of whole beans roasted, packed and shipped on demand for maximum freshness.

Roast date: 18/06/2024

Weight: 100g

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  • Producer

    Jamison Savage

  • Roastery


  • Taste notes

    red grapes, papaya & caramel

  • Process

    100h CO2 Maceration Natural Process

  • Region

    Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama

  • Variety


Ein Bild auf welchem man Kaffeekirschen an einer Kaffeepflanze hängen sieht.

Process Explanation

The journey of Parabolic begins with the meticulous harvesting of perfectly ripe Geisha cherries, each registering 21-24 on the BRIX meter. These cherries undergo a double sorting process to ensure only the finest are selected. They are then placed into hermetically sealed stainless steel tanks for over 100 hours of fermentation.

During this period, CO2 is introduced regularly, creating a controlled environment that allows the coffee seeds to absorb high fruit notes and finer aromatics from the cherry. Temperature and pH levels are carefully monitored throughout this process to maintain optimal conditions.

After fermentation, the cherries are spread out on a three-tiered, raised African bed system designed by Jamison. In these shaded drying areas, known as dry houses, temperatures, humidity, and airflow are precisely controlled. The cherries are consistently shifted throughout the day to ensure even drying and to prevent undesired microbial activity.

This drying process takes about 20 days, with the cherries reaching a moisture level of approximately 11%. To preserve the coffee’s quality, the cherries are then bagged in Grain-pro and stored under cool, stable conditions for a reposo or seasoning period. During this time, the coffee’s moisture content stabilizes, allowing it to absorb more flavor from its parchment before being hulled and sorted by size, density, and color.

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