High quality makes something an investment. In flavour, experience or longevity. Through product development, the supply of high-quality coffee, the establishment of long-term relationships with suppliers and the exclusive use of high-end products.

ApproachThe selection of our coffees is based on blind tastings. We believe that every coffee deserves an equal chance on the cupping table, and we seek out and select only the best on the table, whether it's a damn good classic or an exceptional, unusual coffee. We are always on the lookout for something unusual, exceptional or simply delicious.

All our coffees are fully traceable back to their cultivation. For most, we work directly with the farmer or processing plant, and we work closely with all our suppliers.

The selectionWhat you can expect from all our coffees is a clean, flavourful and complex cup, without compromising on depth or solubility. If there are 50 coffees on a cupping table, we might not want to take any of them, but sometimes there are only 4 on the table and we take whatever is available. A personal style that can be recognised in every coffee we offer, either classically profiled: for example, the best in our opinion among dozens of classically profiled Brazilian coffees. Or unusually profiled, where you can expect something special, either an exclusive batch, an ultra high-end coffee, a rare variety, a unique origin or something that makes a coffee something you've probably never had before.

Our aim is to produce outstanding coffees.

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