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AA KAGUYU - Washed Ruiru 11, SL28 - Kenya

AA KAGUYU - Washed Ruiru 11, SL28 - Kenya

This exquisite cup features notes of hibiscus, creamy violet, and plum jam.

Comprising the Ruiru 11 and SL28 varieties, this coffee hails from the Kaguyu Coffee Factory in Kirinyaga County, a renowned region for Kenyan coffee. Situated at 1400 masl, the factory sources cherries from small-scale farmers, grading and sorting them on-site. In addition to providing milling services, the Kaguyu Coffee Factory receives support from Coffee Management Services, which offers seminars on Good Agricultural Practices and trains farmers on sustainability. Beyond coffee, the factory functions as a cooperative, providing members with school fees and emergency funds.

Roast date: 20/06/2024

Weight: 250g

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  • Producer

    Kaguyu Coffee Factory

  • Roastery


  • Taste notes

    Violets, Hibiscus, Plum jam

  • Process


  • Region

    Kirinyaga County, Peru

  • Variety

    Ruiru 11, SL28

Ein Bild auf welchem man Kaffeekirschen an einer Kaffeepflanze hängen sieht.

Washed Process

In this method, both the pulp and the coffee cherry are completely removed from the outside of the parchment. This is done using friction, fermentation and water. After harvesting, the coffee cherry is cut open with either a metal or sharp plastic bladeThe two seeds (also known as beans) are squeezed out of the coffee cherry, leaving the mucilage as the outermost layer around the seed. In the washed process, it is essential that this layer is completely removed from the seed. In this way, only the flavor that has developed in the cell structure of the seed before processing remains.

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