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Diego Horta Natural - Natural Gesha - Colombia

Diego Horta Natural - Natural Gesha - Colombia

Diego Horta's passion for coffee extends beyond farming and production; he also opened his own coffee shop in Santa Maria to spread the love for specialty coffee and share the joy of a perfect cup.

This naturally processed Gesha, grown at 1700 masl on his farm El Rincon in Huila, is sure to captivate you. Effervescent like champagne and floral like tangerine blossom, this delicate and beautiful coffee fulfills Diego's dream of sharing the delight of specialty coffee.

Roast date: 20/06/2024

Weight: 250g

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  • Producer

    Diego Horta

  • Roastery


  • Taste notes

    Effervescent, Tangerine Blossom, Peach Acidity

  • Process


  • Region

    Huila, Colombia

  • Variety


Ein Bild auf welchem man Kaffeekirschen an einer Kaffeepflanze hängen sieht.

Natural Process

The Natural Process is the original method of processing coffee that can be dated back generations. When the Natural Process is done under careful and controlled conditions, it offers a premium flavour experience that is not found when a coffee is processed as a Washed Process: deep fruit and floral notes, often with a heavier body and less acidity.

The coffee cherries are first sorted and then spread in a thin layer (2-6 cm) on raised drying beds. These special drying beds are used for almost all high-quality Natural Processed coffees because they increase the circulating air flow around the coffee cherries and thus lead to better drying. It is extremely important that the coffee cherries are carefully sorted early on in the drying process, otherwise the cherries will brown too quickly and it will no longer be possible to recognise under- and overripe cherries in the further process. The coffee cherries are constantly turned in order to prevent possible mould formation and overfermentation. The cherries are turned until they have a moisture content of less than 20% and the outer layer of the coffee cherry shrinks and turns completely dark in colour. This process takes around 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the weather conditions.

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